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Over The Road

Dump Trucks

If you are looking for cloud-based software for a dump truck hauling business with 10 or more trucks, you should look at our other program Dump Truck Dispatcher.

Bulk Invoicing

Dump Truck invoicing can be particularity difficult. You need a custom built software that combines  all your bulk invoicing and truck accounting  needs in one easy to use module.

Putting your laptop or desktop computer to work for you with a simple single application can save you valuable time. 

Whether you are invoicing by  tonnage, trip, hourly or the job, billing is a snap with TruckBooks.

The CheckBook

Truck Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Companies that have been subjected to a DOT compliance audit often describe the experience as similar to a root canal. However, a DOT review of your transportation safety program records and evaluation can be pain-free if your company's management team understands the regulations to which they are subject and what records the DOT expects to see. TruckBooks Maintenance ensures that should you be audited that all your records are in order and you have the capability to respond in a timely fashion.


Do you know what your payroll is costing you? Why pay $200 a month to a payroll service company when you can opt for a small one-time fee for all your payroll needs? TruckBooks Payroll is a comprehensive payroll software that fits the needs of accountants, small to medium size businesses (SMBs), agricultural employers, non-profits, local governments, schools, household employers and the self-employed. TruckBooks Payroll  not only offers solid return on investment, but also gives employers better control over payroll-related activities, provides easier access to employee / wage information, simplifies reporting / compliance / record-keeping and helps employers address employee information confidentiality concerns.

TruckBooks Fuel Miles

TruckBooks Payroll

Fuel Miles

Trip Entry 
Odometer Reading: Enter odometer readings from state or province border crossing and let TruckBooks Fuel Tax calculate the miles for you.

State Mileages:
Enter state mileage figures directly from your drivers I.V.M.R trip sheets. TruckBooks Fuel Tax can then calculate the ending odometer readings.

IFTA Reports
Print IFTA reports with ease, accepted straight from your printer in most jurisdictions, both U.S. and Canada.  Printing directly to an accepted form eliminates errors caused by transposing numbers.