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Truck Management Software

Operating a small to medium size trucking company can be time consuming. Invoicing your clients, paying the contractors, paying the drivers, accounting for miles and fuel purchases and managing repairs are just a few of the weekly tasks truck owners are faced with week in and week out. Unless your office is fully staffed, you need to automate these tasks using TruckBooks trucking software. To stay on top you need to make wise use of your downtime. Why not enter your daily trip data in a user friendly interface that allows you stay up to date with clients, owners, drivers and other business accounting activity.

Automating Your Trucking Tasks

Having the right tools while on the roadside, waiting to get loaded, on breaks, or at the truck stop can make life a lot easier  for the small to medium size truck owner. However finding the right trucking software can be confusing at best. Using the internet at the truck stop or roadside can be wise use of your time. Invoicing clients, tracking miles and road tax, repairs, fuel purchases for independent contractor or owner operator can be easily done in your downtime with TruckBooks

Why Pay Too Much?

You can always hire someone and pay through the nose for services like estimated taxes, client invoicing, IFTA/ road tax reports, year end income reports while keeping adequate fleet maintenance records. No one knows your business like you do and if you are an active owner using your time wisely, you can benefit more than you can imagine. TruckBooks allows you to stay up to date with every aspect of your trucking business. Regardless of whether you’re a fleet driver hoping to keep tabs on your miles and  reimbursements, or a trucking company owner who needs to manage the entire business- there is now a software application for you.

TruckBooks Features

Over the Road and Dump Truck Software

There are two sides to TruckBooks, first there is an Over the Road module but there is also DumpBooks, dump truck accounting software, included in the same module.  You can never tell how your business will grow. DumpBooks allows you to bulk invoice loads hauled by weight, load or by the ton. You can handle large road or construction jobs and pay contractors keeping all your ducks in a row. You call also Invoice the client, pay the contractor or truck driver, all  in one click.

If you are looking for cloud-based software for a dump truck hauling business with 10 or more trucks, you should look at our other program Dump Truck Dispatcher.

Bulk Invoicing

Having multiple jobs with multiple clients along with multiple products hauled can be a hassle for a trucking company or accounting firm.Having the right software for the job can bring some order and accuracy back to the office and improve your professionalism among competitors. 

Client Database Module

Never lose track of another client or their credit information 

Over the Road Module

The OTR module is designed especially for the over the road trucker -tracking loads, fuel,and mileage data.

Dispatch Module

The Dispatch Module allows for easy texting to drivers with load information, directions and company instructions.

Fuel Miles Module

Track your fuel and miles and produce an automated fuel tax report for IFTA purposes

Truck Repair Module

Track repairs on the job or over the road and know what your expenses are on each unit.

Profit & Loss Statement

One click profit & loss statement  allows you to see if your latest venture was a profitable one.

Driver Payroll Module

The Payroll module allows you to enter driver's data , track taxes withheld  and print a pay stub

Truck Maintenance Module

Track all Real time and preventive fleet maintenance activity with a proactive maintenance and corrective action plan module

IFTA Quarterly Tax Report

Your IFTA tax report is an automated feature as you enter your daily load activity, making filing your quarterly IFTA report quick and easy. 

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TruckBooks is designed to fit all your trucking software needs